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The five editions of The Green Book Of Songs By Subject have earned critical acclaim from every segment of the music, entertainment and academic communities, and the book is now available as a searchable online database at a price anyone can afford. Here's what the pros and professional reviewers have to say:

"The best part is that when you use their search feature, it finds matches by topic rather than just keyword...This website is every Music Therapist's dream come true."

            --Michelle Erfurt, MT-BC


"The Green Book Of Songs is an invaluable resource...for programming, for research and for just plain entertainment. In fact, you'll probably need to buy two!"

            --Mark Hagen, Executive Producer, BBC Music Entertainment


"The essential research tool for teachers and students studying the lyrical content of contemporary music. It is the Bible for creating lessons around musical themes."

            --Andrew Kenen, Educational Consultant, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland


"Whether you're in television, radio or music programming of any kind, The Green Book Of Songs is by far the best resource to find music by theme. No professional should be without it."

            --Liz Kiley, VP/Broadcast & Radio Affiliations, MTVtr3s

"The Green Book Of Songs is the most exhaustive compendium imaginable of music organized by theme, mood or topic. It's a must for scholars and the ideal tool for show biz insiders who need to match music to their specific cinematic or literary needs."
            --Ken Barnes, Music Editor, USA Today

"Recommended...The only drawback is that it's hard to put down."

            --American Library Association Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin

"An essential resource. It addresses a need that no other reference book even comes close to filling."
            -H. Stephen Wright, Music Library Association Notes

A friend who’s writing a book on musicians’ favorite recipes asked for some songs about food. I went straight to The Green Book. This amazing volume may be aimed at broadcast and music professionals, but just about anybody can find a use for it, and any fan of music will have great fun just leafing through it. It’ll keep you humming."
--Ben Fong-Torres, San Francisco Chronicle


"A dream-come-true for music journalists, historians and fans... Exhaustive research-what an excellent job!"

            --Holly George-Warren, music journalist, author, and co-editor of The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll

"The Green Book Of Songs is a must resource for music supervisors and a great educational tool for the creative community."

            --Woody Bomar, President, Green Hills Music


"The most useful book in my music reference library, period."

            -- Mark Edwards, Program Director, WVRV & WSSM/St. Louis


"An extremely valuable resource. There isn't anything like it. It's always been of great use to us."

            --James Austin, Sr. Director/A&R & Special Products, Rhino Records


"A towering achievement!"

            --Trevor Dann, Managing Director of Pop, Emap Performance, UK


"The subject is exhaustive...a fine discography collection. An essential professional's reference."

            -- Midwest Book Review


"If you are a mobile need this book. Perfect for them parties, it will give you the exact song or songs you need for that special touch your clients will notice!"

            --Ryan Burger,


"This unique reference book should appeal to collectors and music professionals alike. Mighty handy."

            --The Journal of Country Music, Country Music Foundation



            --Library Journal


"The cat's meow of musical sourcebooks...a positive kick to leaf through. Outstanding and highly recommended.

            --Coast Book Review Service


"As a radio programmer and editor/journalist, I always considered The Green Book Of Songs to be among my most valuable reference books."

            --Ron Rodrigues, Marketing Communications Specialist, Arbitron


"The Green Book Of Songs is dangerous. Aside from its absolutely inestimable value in tracking down all manner of music information, this tome appeals to people--like Jeff Green and me--who have a lifelong tendency towards records trivia. And you know how twisted such people can be!"

            --Adam White, VP/Communications, Universal Music International


"Revolutionary! One of the most fascinating reference books ever published. Stunning research and plain old fun!"

            --Robert K. Oermann, music scholar, author, journalist


"Indispensable! The Green Book Of Songs is the only reference book that classsifies by them, and you don't know how useful that is. It's a godsend!"

            --Phil Sweetland, Country Music Correspondent, The New York Times and BBC Radio 4