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How do I suggest songs or albums for inclusion in the® Database?

We welcome all suggestions of songs for a particular category, including soundtracks, compilations, reissues, seasonal specialties, cover versions, etc.


Please email us with as much information about the song as possible, including:

            1.  the name of the artist

            2.  the title of the album and serial number, if available

            3.  the title of the song(s)

            4.  the label imprint and distribution company, if available

            5.  the year of release

            6.  the name(s) of the composer(s) of all songs being submitted.

            7.  If lyric sheets are available, we greatly appreciate having them.


If you are a record company, independent promoter, artist management firm or distributor representing multiple artists, we encourage you to add us to your mailing list for all releases. Send all releases to Professional Desk References, Inc., 5543 Edmondson Pike, Suite 183, Nashville, TN 37211.

If the song or album exists only as an mp3, send an email with the link to the recording(s). Please do not send attachments; they will not be opened.


Owing to the overwhelming amount of music coming in, we can not guarantee when or if a song or album will be included in the® Database. A song's relevance to a particular category and its popularity plays a role, as do other factors (see "FAQs: How are songs and recordings selected for the® Database?").


If you have any further questions about submitting songs or albums, please email us.